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  1. Square Lock or Full Interlock Metal Hose?

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    ANAMET Industrial Solutions roll forms strip metal to make flexible metal hose in a variety of materials. Square lock (SL) and
    Full interlock (UI) hose have similar features, but different benefits.

    Square lock (SL)

    • Flexible metal hose is available in Trade sizes as square lock (SL) hose
    • The square profile of the flexible metal hose gives space for packing, such as an optional integral bonding wire or nylon cord
    • Thick metal strip is used because roll forming bends less metal
    • The square lock profile eases production of smaller diameter hose

    Full interlock (UI)

    • Flexible metal hose is available in Trade sizes as full interlock (UI) hose
    • The complex full interlock profile requires thin metal strip
    • Each turn of the UI hose interlocks in a tight joint that resists twisting, breaking and crushing
    • Saw cutting is the best method for cutting UI metal hose


    • Flexible metal hose features block destructive compression and extension
    • Stripwound metal hose is more flexible, with a tighter bend radius, in smaller diameters
    • Stripwound metal hose is formed in a spiral like a metal spring
    • Metal is folded less in each turn of the SL hose, so it may weigh less than UI hose of the same diameter. Packing in smaller diameter SL metal hose can make it weigh nearly the same as UI hose of the same diameter.

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