Services Overview 

Pictures of hose modifications


After cutting metal hose, sharp edges and slivers block connection. Cleaning the conduit end is called deburring, making installation easier.


Burnishing creates a mirror-like finish on stripwound stainless steel hose. Controlled stress applied to the metal smooths and hardens the surface, removing unevenness. The process reduces the roughness average of the metal.


DE-710 galvanized steel conduit in 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 and 3/4 inch diameters may be ovalized to fit confined spaces. Conduit width is increased and height decreased, while retaining most flexibility, compression and extension. Ovalized conduit protects wiring in furnishings such as office cubicle walls.


When iron compounds remain on the surface of stainless steel, it increases the chance of corrosion. Passivation is the process that removes the iron deposits. The process uses chemical dissolution with nitric or citric acid to remove the iron to prevent corrosion while maintaining the integrity of the stainless steel.


Braiding is a flexible, metal sheath formed of material woven over the stripwound metal core. Braiding improves shielding and torque, abrasion and deformation resistance.

Liquid Tight Jacket

When your application requires liquid tight hose, we can apply a PVC, TPE, TPU or silicone jacket. Our liquid tight jackets protect hose from outdoor or indoor corrosive conditions.